Trained boxer vs. street fighter who THINKS he can box

Thursday, March 19, 2020

There’s a big difference between someone who can box and someone who only thinks he can, as the street fighter in this video discovered the hard way!

It’s not clear where the fight took place or what caused them to lock horns in the first place, but as the video begins they are already circling each other on the street in their fighting stances, with a crowd of people gathered around to watch.

Right from the opening exchange, it’s clear that one of the two fighters is operating on a different level than his opponent.

The guy stripped to the waist in the multi-colored shorts isn’t a complete novice as he’s operating from a basic boxing stance, but his form goes out the window as soon as he launches into an attack, with his upper-body lunging forward into the right-hand and his back foot coming off the ground.

That leaves him off-balance and unable to react accordingly when his rival in the white t-shirt reads his punch and steps backward, then immediately counters with a hard right-hand that connects cleanly, snapping his head back.

The action then cuts to shortly afterward, and despite having been caught earlier, the heavier-set fighter in the multi-colored shorts is still going on the offensive.

Again the disparity in boxing skill is clear here, as white-shirt is doing something that wouldn’t even occur to your average street fighter– fighting on the counter by waiting for his rival to throw, making him miss with head movement and footwork, and then firing back with his own punches while his opponent’s defense is still exposed.

It’s not long before that strategy pays off as he causes his foe to miss with several punches and then steps in with a single left hook that floors him, with follow-up ground and pound strikes sealing the convincing victory.

The boxer clearly knew what he was doing here, but he’d be much better off honing his skills in the boxing ring rather than risking getting injured or arrested by fighting on the street.