Bruce Lee vs. Steven Seagal – who would win in REAL life?

Friday, July 24, 2020

Though martial arts film stars Bruce Lee and Steven Seagal come from very different backgrounds, with Lee coming from Chinese martial arts and Steven Seagal coming from the Japanese art of Aikido, this fantasy match in the video below may have actually been quite competitive in real life, believe it or not.

Although neither man never really competed, that’s kind of what actually makes this fantasy simulation match somewhat intriguing compared to others we’ve covered on

While certainly, the size difference is quite dramatic, this fantasy simulation match in the video below from EA Sports UFC 3 between these two martial arts film stars might have actually been closer than you’d expect in real life, had this were to ever happen in some alternate dimension or perhaps in the distant future when the cloning of humans is perfected.

Bruce Lee is obviously an absolute legend in martial arts and was certainly ahead of his time in many ways, and was truly one of the first martial artists to really focus on strength and conditioning as well as proper diet and nutrition.

Although Lee’s opponent in this match, Mr. Seagal, is often the butt of many jokes, mostly due to his arrogance, he does have some skill and is also a pretty big dude. The version of Seagal in this video is obviously the younger version (with perhaps some special supplements) before he ballooned up later in life like many inactive people tend to do.

Check it out in the video below and be sure to comment on who you think would actually win if these two guys actually fought in real life.

EA Sports UFC 3 is a mixed martial arts fighting video game developed by EA Canada and was published by EA Sports. Conor McGregor, the previous cover fighter of EA Sports UFC 2 returned as the official cover fighter of the game. Serving as the sequel to 2014’s EA Sports UFC and 2016’s EA Sports UFC 2, it was released on February 2, 2018, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. [Source: Wiki]

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