Bullied kid eats multiple face punches like cupcakes – finally responds

Monday, March 18, 2019

Bullies never cease to amaze me.

I mean, I don’t expect them to be really all that smart to begin with, but sometimes the level of stupidity they display is nothing short of mind-blowing. It’s pretty well-known that taking on someone who outweighs you by more than 100 pounds is a risky endeavor, to say the least. That thought didn’t seem to graze the bully’s mind in that case, though.

A teenager wearing a white t-shirt can be seen walking towards a big boy wearing a red t-shirt. The former throws a few punches that land flush on the boy’s face. Those punches didn’t seem to have much power though, as they barely phase the big boy.

I don’t know why the bully decided to attack the big boy, but it was pretty stupid. The rest of the footage pretty much confirms that…

The big boy is having none of the bully’s actions. He starts walking towards him in order to confront him. The bully throws punches but none of them really land. The bully is now off-balance due to his missed punches, and the big boy seizes the opportunity to grab a hold of him.

The rest is brutal.

The harassed big boy, now holding the bully in a body lock, lifts him over his head and viciously slams him on the ground. The bully is stunned, but the victim takes off his shirt and makes it clear he wants to keep going. The altercation is eventually broken up by a teacher.

I’m wondering what the bully was expecting in this kind of situation. The big boy was much, much bigger than him and it clearly showed as he picked him up effortlessly and tossed him on his back. The bully actually could have had it worse here. It sure was stupid of him to pick on a much bigger boy, but fortunately, he was dealt with in a satisfying manner.