Thursday, December 06, 2018

NOTE: Bodybuilding sensation Rich Piana has died nearly 3 weeks after going into a coma following a medical emergency at his Florida apartment. Visit TMZ for more information on Rich’s death.

*Disclaimer: This not a real fight. But it sure is interesting to think of these two massive guys actually having it out in a cage fight*

Rich Piana is a celebrity bodybuilder by trade. He is not a professional cage fighter. He does like to talk about MMA and recently taped a mock fight with a fellow bodybuilder.

We aren’t even sure how that much muscle doesn’t just explode the entire cage, but it was fun to watch:

As the video starts, Rich Piana and Jen’s the Beast square off.

Both of the men are massive. Rich opens with a big right high roundhouse kick, but it’s blocked. The two exchange strong punches and the Jens the Beast lands a solid front push kick. Next Piana lands a double leg takedown and gets the fight to the mat. From there he transitions to controlling the Beast from the side of a turtle position. He locks in a schoolyard choke. Both scream in either agony or excitement and the referee ends the fight.

The Beast is not happy and tries to get at Piana, but the referee is able to keep them separated.