Chinese martial artist challenges security guard to fight – ends in KO

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

A seemingly innocuous dispute between two men in China led to a cold-blooded KO after they decided to settle their differences by way of a gym fight.

Trouble between the two began brewing when one of the men, a martial artist, repeatedly parked his car illegally outside the gym.

In retaliation for this the other man, who is a security guard in the area, reportedly slashed the fighter’s car tires.

Needless to say, the martial artist was furious about this and so he challenged the guard to a fight at the gym.

The resulting scrap was captured on video, with the security guard being the taller, heavier-built man wearing the white gloves in the footage, while the martial artist has a slender frame and is wearing red gloves.

From early on it’s clear that the martial artist is in control of the fight as he fires off a variety of solid leg and body kicks with ease.

On the other hand, the guard’s offensive arsenal is much more limited and he repeatedly resorts to launching a telegraphed overhand right that his opponent is able to see coming from a mile off and easily avoids.

One hard leg kick from the martial artist lands with an audible smack to the meat of the thigh and leads to his rival clutching his leg just for a moment, raising a chuckle from some bystanders.

It doesn’t get any better for the guard after that as he continues to eat kicks and punches, while his own overhand right is thrown with increasing desperation, more in hope than expectation.

The guard soon runs out of steam and pays the price as the martial artist walks him down, lands two hard kicks to the midsection, followed up by a right hand to the jaw that floors him.

The guard lies spread-eagled on the floor, hurt, exhausted and clearly having had enough, but the fired-up fighter isn’t ready to call it a day yet and instead punches him a few times, lands a kick to the body, and then knocks him out with a soccer kick to the head before he’s dragged away by bystanders.

So, the guard was clearly no match for the martial artist’s superior striking skills, but the fighter let himself down badly by his complete lack of sportsmanship afterward.