Cocky street fighter challenges MMA fighter – does NOT go well

Sunday, June 14, 2020

If anything is learned from this video, it’s that resilience and tenacity come straight from the heart. While training helps one acquire skill and conditioning, the drive to plod forward while being senselessly battered is innate, and what separates warriors from the rest of the herd.

The shaved-headed ‘weekend warrior’ seen here certainly shows no signs of quit against a vastly more skilled adversary, trained MMA fighter Branden Tupou, who lays an ass-whooping on him of which the likes is rarely seen.

The wild part is he doesn’t seem to mind one bit. In fact, the untrained slugger in this barnburner continues to come back for more after enduring a devastating assortment of attacks that range from rapid-fire combinations, spinning strikes, and flying knees, to double leg takedowns and even a hurricane kick for good measure— most of which hit the mark.

He is knocked down repeatedly but gets back up to his feet every time. The video ends with the trained fighter reigning down blows on his grounded opponent, yet there didn’t seem to be an end to this lopsided beatdown in sight. There’s really no telling how long it went on for.

Continuing to remain engaged in a fight with such a disparity in skill is unwise considering the vast potential for injury, but where there may be a lack of brains, there is little denying the guts on display here. does not condone participating in unsanctioned fights of any kind— unless you are forced to defend yourself or your family and friends.

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