Cocky teen’s attitude gets instantly erased by SLICK martial arts technique

Sunday, June 23, 2019

The following is an altercation between high school boys. You know how those usually go down. Teenagers fight for the pettiest reasons. Maybe both of them were hitting on the same girl. Maybe the teen with the red shorts argued that the latest iPhone isn’t ‘lit AF’ too vividly for the other teen’s taste. Who knows. What we do know is that their dispute delighted us with a pretty clean and quick street fight, with a solid twist at the end.

So the two teenagers are facing each other. The crowd has improvised a man-made ring, Snatch-style. You can immediately notice how the blond teen wearing Adidas track pants seems very confident in his skills. He’s smiling, taunting his opponent, riling up the crowd.

The teen in red is the first one to throw down. Many of his shots miss but he does catch his foe with a nice leg kick and several well-placed right hands. A flurry that’s disturbing enough for the blonde teen to look for a clinch. In vain. The two of them break up.

It’s time for the final round, and an improvised referee informs the crowd of that. Although he got dominated pretty handily the blonde teen is still as cocky as ever. He keeps taunting his opponent, Nick Diaz-style. The thing is, not everybody can be Nick Diaz. The action resumes and the blond teen seems unaware of his foe’s potential. Huge mistake. The teen in red first closes the distance with a teep kick before throwing a spinning roundhouse kick out of nowhere.

The blonde teen now has his opponent’s shoe brand inlaid on his face. He’s done, knocked out. The crowd erupts. That’s what you get for being too cocky.