Conor McGregor’s bodybuilder doppelganger now training MMA FOR REAL

Friday, May 04, 2018

Last summer, a prank video of a muscle-bound impersonator of UFC megastar, Conor McGregor, garnered a lot of attention online and went viral.

Now, in this recent video below from YouTube channel, Muscle Madness, we see that the same bodybuilder/impersonator is now following in McGregor’s footsteps for real and training in MMA and with Conor’s teammate and trainer, Artem Lobov and Owen Roddy, no less.

The impersonator, named Islam Badurgov, is a bodybuilder and street workout guy who already has an uncanny resemblance to Conor, so when they got him all painted up with makeup and the same tattoos it looked just like him, well, with about 50 more pounds of muscle.

According to Islam in the video below, he is getting into MMA now because he feels like he’s done everything in the ‘street workout’ world and believes it to be a good foundation for fighting.

Being strong and in good physical shape is indeed not a bad starting point for MMA, however, the hours of hard, technical training you have to put in to reach a level high enough to compete is something that most people aren’t willing to put in.

You can see in the video below, that his physique is quite a bit leaner now than it was several months back during the Conor prank video which makes sense. Carrying around a lot of muscle mass in combat sports can sometimes be more of a hindrance than anything as it can limit your mobility as well as make you tire quicker.

Though, when you’re training with guys like Owen Roddy and Artem Lobov, especially when you’re first starting out, it’s definitely a really good starting point and as long as he sticks with it, we may very well be seeing him compete in the future.

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