Watch UFC’s Dana White play in a death metal band – how did he do?

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Dana White, Matt Serra and Nick ‘The Tooth’ find themselves in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota where they are off to scout two new prospects at the Legacy Fighting Championships card as well watch the retirement fight of UFC veteran Brock Larson.

However, on the way to the fight show the trio find themselves spending time with the Minneapolis Death Metal band ‘Roads of Glass’, who end up having to teach Dana, Nick and Matt how to perform a song from their album and then follow up with a live performance.

‘Tooth’ already having a musical background had no issue filling in guitar, whereas Dana and Matt definitely had their work cut out for them with Dana White filling in on the drums and Matt Serra filling in as the lead singer which required a lot of training for his vocal chords to get the signature scream from his Long Island lungs.

Along with their musical gig the trio also goes snowboarding which results in Matt Serra falling on his ass several times, stopping by a local Brazilian Jiu-jitsu school so Matt can share some grappling techniques, eating out at the local burger joint ‘The 5 8 club’ and of course checking out the two new prospects.

About Lookin for a Fight:
When Dana White took over the UFC in 2001, one of the new UFC President’s first tasks was to scour the MMA backwaters searching for undiscovered talent to sign to the UFC. White hasn’t scouted talent in person for over a decade – but with childhood friend Nick “The Tooth” and the irrepressible Matt Serra in tow – Dana hits the road once again in search of potential UFC superstars.