Master Wong reveals the real truth about Dim Mak – aka the ‘Death Touch’

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

The Dim Mak or “death touch” is one of the most controversial techniques in all of the martial arts for its reported ability to cause certain death through a single strike to a vital pressure point of your opponent’s body.

Though it seems really easy to scoff at there is still a large section of the martial arts world that swear by this technique. Controversial martial artists such as George Dillman and Tom Cameron will claim the reason you don’t see the move used in martial art contests is due to the “fact” that it is “too deadly” to use safely, although no official kill count from this technique has ever been recorded.

So in this technique video, the always colorful Master Wong of the Master Wong Wing Chun Academy breaks down the controversial technique, whether any of it would be applicable in a self-defense situation and if a person could be killed by such a move.

About Master Wong:

Michael Wong originally came to England at the age of ten as a refugee from Vietnam. He first took up martial arts as a result of being bullied at school. Starting his training with a Chinese Master in the UK, Sifu Wong progressed quickly in skill and after 5 years traveled to Hong Kong and mainland China to study with a variety of Chinese masters in his early twenties.

Training in a wide variety of martial arts has given Sifu Wong a foundation and skill level rarely seen in the martial arts world. It also allows him to provide a highly comprehensive teaching program for a great many students with differing requirements. This eventually led to the opening of the Master Wong Academy at Charles Street in Ipswich, becoming one of only a handful of full-time training centers in the region. [Source:]