Who punches harder – bodybuilders or skinny guys?

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Bodybuilders undoubtedly have impressive and often intimidating physiques, but are those bulging muscles a help or a hindrance when it comes to an actual fight?

The ‘Fight Science’ YouTube channel decided to tackle this much-debated topic from both a scientific and logical perspective.

Firstly, the narrator notes that the larger your muscles are, the more energy it takes to fuel them, and that can be a problem in a street fight situation where you are going to be drawing heavily on your body’s resources.

That’s an important point as there’s no doubt that in both in the street and in the ring or cage, fatigue is a sure-fire way to lose a fight, and it can happen faster than you think it will.

The narrator goes on to argue that the most important thing in a real fight is not how big your muscles are, but how well you use your body.

He uses the example of punching power to illustrate his point, noting that it’s all about the generation of force, or to put it in scientific terms: mass x acceleration.

Of course, bodybuilders can lay claim to the first half of that equation due to their size, but the narrator notes that the bigger and more heavily muscled you are, the harder it is to generate speed over a short distance.

Therefore, ‘Fight Science’ argues that the key is to find the right balance of size, speed, cardio, and technique.

Rather than focusing purely on exercises to build mass as a bodybuilder does, it’s important to instead focus on functional fitness and weight training that will increase your cardiovascular capabilities while also giving you the flexibility to fully engage your kinetic chain to generate power efficiently and effectively.

To sum up, ‘Fight Science’ claims that though bodybuilders can fight, “to a certain extent,” it “seriously limits your ability to fight the larger you become.”