Lesson of the day: Do NOT bring a knife to a fist fight

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

What’s immediately apparent in this video is that the armed assailant, who is seen walking across a populated area wielding a massive blade in the visibility of broad daylight, is severely lacking in both intelligence and common sense.

With a knife in tow, the attacker approaches his intended victim, who is standing at the entrance of his home with the door ajar. As he notices the knife-wielding maniac approaching, he closes the door shut before his assailant swings the knife in his direction.

With the attacker’s motives clear, he kicks into survival-mode and storms out of his home ready to engage with no sense of trepidation. He proceeds to grab hold of his attacker and a scuffle ensues. The assailant tries to pick up the dropped knife and subsequently eats a couple of shots as a result. He’s then taken down, mounted and clobbered with an array of punches and elbows. The attacker can be heard saying, “You wanna fight? Let me up”, seemingly unaware of the fact that he’s already in the middle of a fight that he’s unmistakably losing.

Onlookers in the area celebrate the turn of events with an ensemble of cheers, jeers, and uproarious laughter. After laying down an ass whooping, the victim finally shows mercy and heads back to his abode. The loser of the fight is seen retrieving his knife before taking a walk of shame across the housing complex and back towards whatever hole he crawled out of in the first place. It appears as though the two may have been neighbors and if so, it’s quite possible they’ll meet again… but hopefully under more amicable circumstances.

Mixedmartialarts.com does not condone participating in unsanctioned fights of any kind— unless you are forced to defend yourself or your family and friends during a confrontation.