Bodybuilding Facebook perv shows up at girl’s house – MMA trained boyfriend is there and goes OFF

Saturday, July 27, 2019

How would you handle a situation in where a guy was hitting on your girlfriend on Facebook and wouldn’t take no for an answer?

This boyfriend pretends to be his girlfriend on Facebook and in phone texts to lure him over to the house so he can have a word with him about it. The guy actually shows up.

This video originally got posted on WSHH. Some of the comments are just as entertaining as the video. Check some of them out below.

“I’m a black guy and I mean this with all seriousness…..All them black dudes are f***ing his girl why he think they his friends, they just not dumb enough to message her on facebook because they got her number. I know if I was a white dude I wouldn’t want a bunch of shirtless black dudes around my girl. Just saying”

“Lifting 350 has nothing to do with fighting, trust me. at the end of the day skill will always prevail. Just look at Bruce Lee. The fact that he is big could even be a disadvantage. I am 180 and I will admit I personally know a 90 pound female that would most likely rip me apart. If you want to see a system where “size does not matter” look up Systema- that’s the real deal.”

“i am from different country if this thing happened to me the next day the priest had to sing at his grave and he was powerful with his friends around him id like to see him one on one”

“this fake MMA, wannabe Chuck Norris lookin dude…he kept getting those kicks caught. He would have got demolished by a real fighter”

“This was the funniest s*** ever.

The dude with his shirt off was like a bootleg MMA guy. He’s throwing punches, kicks, and knees that are getting caught in midair by a heavyweight guy WHO DOESN’T EVEN WANNA FIGHT HIM. lol. Think if he encountered somebody who did. SMH…” [WSHH]