Guy decimates loud-mouthed street fighter – goes right back to work

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

We all know a story about a loudmouth who can never seem to keep their mouth shut. Usually, those stories end with the loudmouth saying the wrong thing to the wrong person at the wrong time and getting their mouth shut for them.

The video opens with our two combatants verbally arguing with the second moving man standing between them. The moving man then attempts to get back to work with his partner, but the loudmouth is having none of that. He keeps yelling and almost draws a reaction, but the moving man shows some self-control and holds back.

The loudmouth then knocks some boxes out of the second moving man, and it’s at that point that the first moving man (who we learned is a trained MMA fighter) decided enough was enough.

The moving man quickly hops out of the truck and begins to engage the loudmouth despite some protests from the gathered crowd. The moving man comes forward in a typical fighting stance as the loudmouth backs up against a large van (while still talking some trash). The trained fighter immediately shoots for a double leg and secures it.

After a quick failed attempt to get the loudmouth to the ground, the moving man then dumps the loudmouth on his head. He then follows that up with two brutal shots to the head and walks away. The loudmouth is left lying in the street unconscious and stays there for the remainder of the video.

Street fighting is always dangerous, especially when you know nothing about your opponent, and should be avoided at ALL costs.

Andrew Siebert is the owner of several small websites such as as well as a full-time Software Developer, Freelance Graphic Designer, and MMA enthusiast.