Guy gets more than he bargained for after shoving the WRONG dude

Monday, May 21, 2018

In life, there are many valuable lessons to be learned regarding social behavior on what is acceptable and what is not which most of us learned as kids growing up.

For instance, putting your hands on someone, particularly in an aggressive manner, is just never a good idea yet some people still have to find this out the hard way, unfortunately.

In this video, which looks to be from Russia (where misbehaving isn’t taken kindly), we see someone who just doesn’t get that you shouldn’t be shoving people around and he most likely learned a very valuable lesson from this, hopefully.

We see one guy pushing the other dude in the blue around and the guy who got pushed responds by shoving his aggressor’s hands away, making it very clear that he doesn’t appreciate being touched.

The guy who started it then further escalates the situation by shoving the other dude, who clearly didn’t appreciate being touched, VERY hard right into the wall.

At that point, this rather mild, negative social interaction (most likely brought about by alcohol), becomes an all-out brawl and the dude who was getting shoved cracks the other guy HARD with a nice-looking, two-punch combination that clearly stuns his him, yet surprisingly, doesn’t knock him out or even drop him.

From there, the two guys exchange some pretty heavy shots yet both remain standing somehow before the scuffle is broken apart by nearby bystanders.

Although, as previously mentioned, both guys look to be most likely under the influence of alcohol, both still look as if they may have some sort of training under their belts as their strikes look to be pretty crisp.

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Posted by OMAR Da Pitbull on Friday, March 9, 2018

Still, though, the dude in the blue, who originally got pushed, evidently got the better of this one and landed the better shots on his aggressor, who clearly started it. Check it out in the above video.

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