Guy threatens large pro-MMA fighter with a beer bottle – does not end well

Friday, June 26, 2020

This altercation takes place at a tattoo shop. You can hear ‘Level’ ask: “Who you gonna hit with that bottle?”

Why the other guy was threatening him with a bottle is unknown, but the situation doesn’t last long.

YouTube street fighting sensation-turned-mixed martial artist Rene “Level” Martinez embodies the culture of MMA — the hard body, the bald head, and of course, body art — tattoos. Ink has a fond place in mixed martial arts. Might not be the best place to go looking for trouble if you’ve been drinking, like the guy in the video learned the hard way.

From Quinton Jackson’s “God’s Street Soldier” stamp to Cain Velasquez’s humongous “Brown Pride” tattoo, there’s no doubt that body inking is an outward expression of the warrior lifestyle.

Born and raised in South Miami, Martinez’s alias originated from his street reputation for knocking out his enemies in epic fashion.

At the age of 12, after experiencing the troubles of a broken home, Level sought a new family and immersed himself into the life of South Miami gangs. Along with 7 of his newly formed friends, he created one of the most notorious street gangs in the early and late ’90s: the Latin Syndicates.

With a record of 21 arrests and public notoriety amongst Miami Police and gang task force units, Martinez eventually turned his violent behavior and talent for fighting into an Internet sensation with his backyard fights.

Combined with personal documentary clips and recent interview footage, The Warrior Level tells the story of the “gangster” turned professional fighter and his struggle to abandon his past in order to create a better future for his daughter and family.

Rising in ranks, fellow mentor and UFC fighter Kimbo Slice is quoted as saying that “Level will do better than me” with his newly discovered professional career in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

“I want to show the world how I turned a negative into a positive,” Martinez says. “I don’t think anything is gonna bring me down. I’m focused, ready, and I’m gonna go for it.” []

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