Guy threatens police station with baseball bat – does NOT go well

Saturday, September 07, 2019

An out-of-control thug who attacked a police station with a baseball bat received a rude awakening when one heroic cop decided it was time to restore order.

On Monday, 27th February, 28-year-old Christopher Rivas walked up to the entrance of the front lobby at the West Covina Police Department in California and began pounding on the window with an aluminum baseball bat.

Three women were sitting at the other side of the glass at the time, but thankfully the windows were reinforced and didn’t break, giving them time to flee to a safer area of the building.

A police report states that Rivas then began threatening both bystanders and officers in the building as he stood at the entrance with his bat cocked and ready to swing, occasionally hammering on the door with it.

Approximately a minute into the incident an officer who had been quick-thinking enough to go around the building and sneak up on Rivas from behind decided that it was time to act to bring an end to this situation.

Charging forward, the officer lunged into a powerfully executed takedown that hit the perpetrator like a ton of bricks and sent him flying into the lobby.

With Rivas floored and the officer securely on top of him, a couple of his colleagues were then able to help the hero of the hour secure the thug for arrest on charges of Assault With A Deadly Weapon and Resisting Arrest.

Rivas suffered minor injuries during the takedown and was taken to hospital for treatment, but given his actions he can count himself lucky that things didn’t end up a whole lot worse for him.

A few hours after the incident CCTV footage was posted online and has since gone viral, with the officer being widely praised for his brave and decisive action in the heat of the moment.