HEATED sparring session between novice and retired world champ

Monday, July 27, 2020

Sparring, as most of us know, is an essential part of martial arts training, be it in striking or grappling. Learning new moves and drilling are definitely important too but unless you are able to apply it on someone who is trying to defeat you as well, how are you going to know if it works or not?

Nowadays, many MMA camps are moving away from the super-hard sparring that was all too common several years back. There is always a fine line, though, between putting the proper work in and going too hard resulting in injuries and other negative consequences down the line.

In this video, however, we see some guys doing it the old school way and throwing down pretty hard in this heated sparring session between an alleged novice and a retired former world kickboxing champ, named Dom DeVanna.

We see the alleged novice, who actually looks pretty good if he really hasn’t been training all that long, coming at DeVanna super hard which many beginners have a tendency to do.

However, the retired world champ’s defensive skills are clearly on point and he is able to defend much of what the spazzy novice is throwing at him.

Many times in martial arts training, both in striking and grappling, the more experienced guys will avoid the spazzy newcomers at first as they can inadvertently cause an injury from going too hard instead of focusing on learning the proper technique.

What’s also kind of interesting about this footage is that neither guy is wearing any sort of headgear. Though, many feel that headgear doesn’t really do much to protect you from head trauma and actually makes your head a bigger target which may, in fact, lead you to take shots you could have avoided if you weren’t wearing it.

Check out the above video to see this heated sparring session between the older, retired world champ and a younger, aggressive novice.

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