All HELL breaks loose during HEATED boxing sparring session

Friday, July 24, 2020

Sparring, whether it’s in boxing, MMA or kickboxing should always be done in a controlled, technical manner so that both parties can work on their skills without getting seriously hurt or injured.

A lot of times, however, particularly in boxing gyms, they do it the old school way where it is pretty much a fight and it’s usually in these instances where tensions end up boiling over as we see here in this video.

In this sparring session from the legendary Johnny Tocco’s Boxing Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada, between fighters Christian Thomas (3-0 as a pro) and Alex Theil, we see a crazy fight break out during sparring and the whole gym ends up getting involved by the looks of it.

During a break in the action, we see the pair exchanging words when one of the fighters throws a classless sucker punch at the other guy.

Like in many instances of real fights between striking-based practitioners, the other fighter goes in for a takedown of all things, and then the feuding pair are promptly broken up by the rest of the gym.

As previously stated, sparring should always be done in a controlled manner and it is usually good practice to never spar with someone you don’t know and especially with someone you don’t particularly like to avoid situations as we see here in the below video.

Johnny Tocco opened his legendary boxing gym in Las Vegas in the early 1950s. Mr.Tocco operated the gym for over 40 years, he was a trainer to many successful professional boxers. Throughout his career, the compassion and attention Johnny Tocco had shown his fighters, as well as the sport of boxing, had a tremendous impact on many lives. Johnny Tocco sold his gym in 1997 just prior to his death. The small ringside gym has changed ownership several times but has remained a historic icon. [Source:]

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