Monday, June 08, 2020

This rowdy bully gets humbled big time after picking a fight with a homeless man on the street, who unknowingly to him, was once an NFL player. His name is Chris Brymer.

The video shows a group of men circling in on the big man with a clear intention of picking a fight with him.

After one guy in the group throws a sucker punch, the ex-NFL’er retaliates with a heavy right hand that puts him down.

The aggressor then gets back up to his feet and continues to pursue the big man, and gets dropped yet again. Despite this, the foolhardy aggressor continues to plod forward but appears too shook to try to throw down on him again. With his blanket in hand, the homeless ex-NFL player shows no signs of backing down either.

The ex NFL’er quickly tires of the whole situation and is seemingly in no mood to be the target of bullying attempts anymore, so he decides to walk away from it all.

After the man is seen leaving the frame, a couple guys from the group are seen closely on his trail— seemingly contemplating jumping him from behind. Luckily for the big man, the cameraman heavily discourages this punk move and points out that the aggressor got dropped fair and square.

The video then goes on to show another guy in white getting ready to throw down on the big man but seems to be deterred by him. That doesn’t stop the main antagonist in black from endlessly pursuing the big man through the Costco parking lot—desperately trying to redeem himself in front of his crew.

While the guy in black is struggling to decide whether to keep his gloves on or off, the big man is having none of it. He had already won the fight and had nothing to gain from beating down his aggressor yet again.

Chris Brymer redshirted his freshman season at the University of Southern California and was academically ineligible to play in 1995. At USC, Brymer was an offensive lineman.

Chris played in the summer of 1999 for the Rhein Fire of the NFL Europe then was an off-season member of the Dallas Cowboys in the 1999 NFL season. In 2001, he played for the Los Angeles Xtreme of the XFL, a league that would fold after its only season. [Source: wiki]