Prisoners save corrections officer from life-threatening chokehold

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Probably one of the most dangerous jobs a person could have is working inside a prison full of criminals. The county lockup shown in this video from Florida can have numbers that outnumber the guards to prisoners almost 60 to 1. This prison actually allows dozens of prisoners to roam free in common areas at certain parts of the day, as Deputy Cam Moon learned the dangers of first hand.

As the only lawman on duty, the deputy was brutually attacked by one prison who quickly secured a brazilian jiu jitsu style choke hold technique, that could have been fatal. Struggling to fight for oxygen while looking to secure freedom, The deputy must have been in shock when he noticed an entire charging army of prisoners headed his direction. The prisoners were not trying to hurt him, rather they were delivering a dose of jail house justice to protect the officer. The first inmate came running into the room to punch the enraged felon’s hold. As the deputy’s face began to turn purple and he started to lose consciousness one of the inmates even calls for backup on the police radio while a small army of convicts subdue the attacker and hold him down until backup can arrive.

Deputy Moon was very fortunate that the other inmates showed up to save his life, displaying that he has earned their respect.

While many people have gained knowledge of the dangers of submission holds thanks to the exposure given to them by Mixed Martial Arts events like the Ultimate Fighting Championship,One Fighting Chamionship, or the Rizin Fighting Federation, the reality is you can not ‘tap out’ when it is a real life self defense situation.

Martial Arts besides being a great workout and a way to build your confidence is also a great way to learn self defense. As a prison security guard, I am sure the benefits of training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling, or become very evident. The confidence gained from knowing you can defend yourself if a situation needs you to is vital to success in a high pressure situation such as a security or prison guard. What do you think would be the best martial art to train if you were going to be guarding criminals inside a prison?

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