Karate practitioner fights a legit GIANT – does NOT last long

Sunday, May 27, 2018

In this MMA fight from the event ‘K-1 Beast 2004 in Niigata’, we see what happens when a high-level kickboxer with a karate background, Sam Greco, takes on a legit gigantic opponent, named Stefan Gamlin, and this one doesn’t last very long at all.

As far as traditional martial arts go, karate is probably the most effective of all. Some of the best kickboxers of all time come from karate backgrounds like Semmy Schilt and Andy Hug, as well as Sam Greco whom we see compete in the video below.

His opponent in this MMA fight, Stefan Gamlin, is an absolutely HUGE man who stands 6’7″ tall and weighs in at close to 400 pounds. That gives him a weight advantage of over 100 pounds against Greco in this fight, but is he able to use it to his advantage?

Now, most of the time when elite-level kickboxers try their hand at MMA, it doesn’t always go so well as the amount of time it takes to reach a high-level in kickboxing doesn’t leave much time for working on your grappling skills.

However, we see in this video below that Mr. Greco indeed has some skill on the ground to go with his elite-level kickboxing and karate skills on the feet.

Check out the fight below to see how elite-level kickboxer, Sam Greco, quickly finishes his gigantic opponent.

Sam “Slam ’em” Greco (born 3 May 1967) is a retired Australian former full contact karateka, super heavyweight K-1 kickboxer and mixed martial artist of Italian descent. He was the 1994 Karate World Cup champion and holds notable kickboxing victories over Branko Cikatic, Ernesto Hoost, Mike Bernardo, Stefan Leko, and Ray Sefo, as well as MMA victories over Heath Herring and Shungo Oyama. Sam had his K-1 debut in 1995 at K-1 Hercules. Following year he appeared in his first K-1 World Grand Prix tournament where he suffered his first loss in semifinals against Musashi. After retiring in 2005 from professional competition, Sam Greco worked as a trainer for other fighters, including Bob Sapp. [Source: Wiki]

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