Confrontation with a knife-wielding crazy guy gets bloody

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

While it is not clear what started the confrontation on this YouTube video, it is already severely out of hand when the video begins.

Anytime someone brandishes a knife that is a very serious situation and should be approached with much more caution than what is seen here. Nevertheless, a guy with a crutch and injured foot decides to get involved and pursue the knife wielding man who was already retreating.

He ends up swinging his crutch to knock the knife out of the guys hands but ends up losing his weapon. It doesn’t do his opponent a whole lot of good either when he picks it up. The man in the ankle brace is physically much larger as well as clearly the better fighter as well.

The crazy guy swings the crutch but his opponent is easily able to block it and deliver some solid punches to his opponent. He pretty much whoops his ass despite his opponent having a weapon on him the entire time.

At the end of the video the knife wielder is bleeding quite profusely and it is unclear what caused it. Perhaps some of the punches from the larger fellow cut him.

Eventually, the guy with the crutch throws his weapon away and the guy who pursued him walks away. So it appears the issue all along was the guy in the foot brace reacting to being threatened with a weapon.

Though he did take a pretty big risk in pursuing the knife-wielding guy. Perhaps a better course of action would be to call the police and not engage the aggressive man. Instead, maybe stand by and make sure he doesn’t attack anyone and if so maybe then get involved physically. Either way, they should both consider themselves lucky either of them didn’t get seriously hurt in this confrontation.