Internet war between Kung-Fu stylist and MMA fighter gets settled in a parking lot

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The video below is NOT safe for work!

The fight between Osiris and John F. Springer in July of 2007 occurred when two other people were supposed to fight.

Kung Fu stylist vs MMA fighter

Throughout the year 2007, several challenges were issued between members of and another martial arts website. This latter website was comprised mostly of ex-Bullshido members disgruntled with the direction and focus that the site had gone.

Among these challenges, a CMA practitioner named “Omar” issued an open invitation to fight with anyone who wished. “Annatrocity,” an amateur kickboxing and MMA fighter, accepted Omar’s invitation and began making preparations to go fight him.

Annatrocity arrived at the agreed-upon location for the fight, along with Bullshido members Kidspatula and Osiris. From the other website, Omar showed up with John F. Springer and a neutral third-party to record the fight.

After being verbally taunted, JF Springer stepped towards Annatrocity and grabbed her by the throat. In response to this assault, Osiris ran towards Springer and tried to hit him with a flying jump-kick. The kick missed, and Osiris fell to the ground. Immediately, he recovered and tackled Springer with a double-leg takedown, landing in the mount position.

While mounted, John F. Springer got Osiris in a headlock, which Osiris eventually escaped using his arm to cross against John’s face. While being mounted, John attempts to defend by flailing his arms and fails miserably. Osiris delivers several punches to John’s face and once to his body. Towering over John, Osiris has a moment of mercy after hearing John say, “We are in a parking lot”. Osiris then asks John, “You want to end this?” and John gives a resounding and mumbling, “mmhmm.”

Osiris proceeds to get up and John proceeds to follow him. Annatrocity and Kidspatula tell Osiris to not let John follow him. Annatrocity suggests that they relocate to a field further away so they wouldn’t get thrown in jail.

John continues to goad Osiris on and when Osiris doesn’t respond, John reaches through an open window and punches Osiris in the back of the head. John then starts spewing racial epithets calling Osiris, “N***** boy” and “N*****” almost chanting it.


John claims that Osiris clearly did not defeat him in combat, however, the video obviously shows that Osiris had the superior position and John was not doing anything to better his position. Osiris also clearly gave John mercy and did not wish to further his punishment.

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