Lesson of the day: DO NOT bring a knife to a machete fight

Saturday, November 17, 2018

WARNING: The following contains very violent, graphic content. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Much like the old adage goes, you should never bring a knife to a gun fight. Similarly enough, you should also never bring a knife to a machete fight, much like we see here in this particular video below from what looks to be Jamaica.

In the video, we see someone running towards someone else with a knife in hand and they look to be pretty serious. But, what we find out, is that the person they are running to has a big, scary looking machete at the ready and they are clearly not afraid to use it, much like movie hero Jason Voorhees from the documentary series ‘Friday the Thirteenth’.

The machete can be a very brutal and devastating weapon that can cause a lot of damage very quickly and, compared to many other melee-type weapons, doesn’t take much skill to use.

It also seems to be a weapon of choice for ethnic people as well as those who live in tropical regions in or around the equator where a good machete is a necessity for cutting through thick brush when traveling through thick jungle vegetation.

Versus a knife, a machete is at an obvious advantage due to its superior length as well as its weight, which the knife-wielding lady in the video below seems to find out quick enough.

It looks as if the machete makes contact a couple of times but the lady with the knife somehow doesn’t seem too hurt by it, miraculously.

Videos like these really make you appreciate living in a more stable region where, thankfully, situations like these don’t happen with any sort of regularity and, when they do, we have a proper law enforcement and institutions in place to deal with them promptly and effectively.