Thieves armed with guns break into a house – run into homeowner with MACHETE

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Dealing with armed home-intruders is a nightmare scenario for homeowners out there, particularly those with families. Although security systems nowadays are pretty top-notch, there is always a response time until the authorities arrive, with the average wait time for emergencies being around 10 minutes in this country.

A machete, however, as we see in the video below, has zero response time and although it is certainly not the ideal home defense weapon, we see that it is enough to get the job done here (along with the massive cojones of the homeowner)in this horrific home invasion attempt from Sarasota, Florida from last year.

We see in the surveillance footage below, the homeowner first sees the armed intruders making their way onto the property before anything happens, and in any kind of self-defense situation, having just a little bit of notice can be the difference between life and death.

Instead of freezing up as most people do in these type of self-defense situations, the homeowner immediately throws a chair then picks up a piece of wood before running into his house to get the machete.

Now, what happens next looks to be sheer luck as when he comes back out charging at the invaders with the machete, the dude with the shotgun has a clear shot at this guy but he either doesn’t have the balls to pull the trigger or it could perhaps be a weapon malfunction.

Whatever the case, the bravery of this homeowner, along with his trusty machete, may have saved his and his family’s lives here as during a home invasion, you don’t know what their motive is or what’s going to happen.

According to Metro News UK, the machete-wielding homeowner was able to detain the dude with the shotgun until police arrived which led to the capture of his four accomplices as well.