US Marine doubts the effectiveness of crazy technique – gets KO’d

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The video starts with the marine who is asking to be shown the technique being apprehensive. He is asking smart questions about how hard he should do it because he doesn’t want, “to mess up.”

Many would be skeptical about such a technique, especially using a knife edge chop. There are many fabled martial arts techniques that are heard of but rarely seen. A lot of masters won’t teach dangerous leg locks not because they don’t work but in fact, they work too well. With such mystical techniques, it is sometimes hard to separate fact from fiction.

The science wouldn’t support such a technique, as the brachial chop, being able to knock an opponent or aggressor out but the video clearly shows its effectiveness.  Ultimately the angle of the video prevents us clearly seeing where the strike lands on the neck but if you watch the arms of the marine who collapses back into the wall it would strongly suggest he is an Oscar-worthy actor or that he just got KO’d.

A version of the Army Field Manual on combatives (FM 21-150) describes a brachial stun this way:

A sharp blow to the side of the neck causes unconsciousness by shock to the carotid artery, jugular vein, and Vagus nerve. For maximum result, the blow should be focused below and slightly in front of the ear. A less powerful blow causes involuntary muscle spasms and intense pain. The side of the neck is one of the best targets to use to drop an opponent immediately or to disable him temporarily to finish him later.


Nerves are tricky things and even a short explosive blow can be enough to disrupt them and cause a flash KO. While it may look devastating this technique won’t cause any lasting damage or brain trauma which is suffered in a typical KO.

The fall is more dangerous than the strike.

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