Wednesday, January 09, 2019

This is an extra-special variation of the viral kangaroo video. In the video, an Australian man seems to be in a wilderness location filming himself.

The video begins with his dog being assaulted by a kangaroo. Kangaroos, though somewhat amusing and caricatured are actually extremely powerful and dangerous. They are also overpopulated in parts of Australia reaching infestation levels.

This kangaroo had caught the man’s dog in a dangerous rear chokehold variation. The chokehold resembled the one used by a kangaroo in a different viral video to sleep a different kangaroo.

The man knew he had to react to save his dog and runs boldly towards the kangaroo.

On the man’s approach, the kangaroo suddenly lets go of the dog and squares up towards the man. This is the best part: because for a moment the man is clearly confused about how to proceed with the combative kangaroo.

But he takes a boxing stance and actually launches a right hand which connects and stuns the kangaroo. Then the man intelligently takes this opportunity to escape.

This particular video captures additional footage though. The kangaroo is still standing and looking fierce. As viewers, we realize that the athletic kanga can pursue the man and his dogs. But suddenly – a savior appears.

Springing into the frame he drops the kangaroo with a swift shot, following up with more extremely powerful and accurate strikes to the head.

The kangaroo is completely neutralized in a moment and John McCarthy steps in to save it. This savior can only be the one, the Notorious Conor McGregor, using the same movement he used to defeat the former Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez and seize his belt at UFC 205. As the movement expert knows well, those movements are equally deceptive and dangerous to kangaroos.

We are fortunate he was present in the outback, able to respond to the Kangaroo threat.