MMA fighter vs. MUCH larger opponent in backyard grudge match

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

In this video from the guys at Streetbeefs, we see amateur MMA fighter, Cory Sharpe, settle a score against one of Streetbeefs’ mainstays, named Vandall, who is also the much larger man.

Cory Sharpe, who has an amateur MMA record of 3 wins with 1 loss, fought at lightweight but it is unclear exactly what his weight is here – most likely well under 200lbs. While his opponent in this one, Vandall, weighs around 250lbs. That is a huge size difference!

Their ‘beef’ started on Facebook over ethical differences surrounding street fighting regarding when exactly it is okay to throw the first punch. Sharpe, the MMA fighter, believed it is always cowardly to throw a sucker punch while Vandall believed it to be okay in certain circumstances.

1The pair couldn’t find a compromise so their feud spilled over into the Streetbeefs yard and we see in the video below how that goes. Sharpe wastes no time standing and trading and immediately takes the big man down to the ground where, as an MMA fighter, he possesses a huge advantage over the untrained street fighter.

Vandall hangs tough for a bit but eventually, the amateur MMA fighter’s technique and experience shines through. Check out the video below to see the technique which finally finishes the big man off and forces him to tap out or blackout.

After years of watching people in my area severely hurt each other over various disputes, I decided to offer a solution. Come to SATAN’S BACKYARD and put gloves on to settle your dispute. No guns, no knives, no gang of friends jumping in. Just you, your foe, the referee, and a group of spectators. I’ve settled hundreds of disputes in our area with this method, and hope to settle THOUSANDS more, all while entertaining my viewers. Some fights are sporting, some beef, all entertaining.  [Source: YouTube]

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