Famous MMA gym owner vs. Wing Chun master in challenge match

Monday, May 11, 2020

Chinese MMA gym owner, Xu Xiaodong, made waves last year when he utterly destroyed a Tai Chi master in a challenge match that subsequently went viral and now, it appears like he’s done it again.

In this recent challenge match, we see Xu Xiaodong take on a Wing Chun master this time who claims to be a descendant of the legendary Yip Man and compared to the Tai Chi guy, this guy performs a little better at least.

Though, it is tough to say how much better as Xu Xiaodong literally lets this guy tee off on him with shots that do nothing in quite humiliating and demoralizing fashion. Much like the previous video against the Tai Chi master, this one goes on far too long and the organizers do a lousy job of protecting the Wing Chun guy from taking too much damage.

It should have ended the first time this guy got knocked down, but instead, it was restarted again and again, resulting in a brutal and prolonged beating. This just goes to show you how badly they wanted the Wing Chun ‘master’ to win and how venerated traditional martial arts and masters are in Chinese culture.

Following Xiaodong’s previous victory over the Tai Chi master last year, he declared war on all traditional styles which upset a lot of people in China and he allegedly had to go into hiding because of it.

We see in the video below that he really was serious about taking on the traditionalists as he easily dismantles the poor Wing Chun master.

However, instead of beating up people of much sub-par skill, it would be a lot cooler to see Xu Xiaodong maybe take on another MMA fighter who would give him an actual fight, maybe someone with a traditional background as well as some MMA experience.