10 most cringe-worthy martial art training methods

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

When most modern-day fans of mixed martial arts hear the word “training,” odds are they associate the term with a “training camp,” in which a fighter spends weeks or even months preparing for an opponent that they will meet inside of a cage or ring. These contests are usually sanctioned by a governing body that ensures fighters are healthy enough to compete in a contest of face punching.

However, if we were to go back, say, a few hundred years, martial arts training looked much different than it does today. Safe training camps, how often a fighter spars, and the level of intensity at which that fighter spars are all hot topics in the current MMA landscape.  When you begin to examine ancient training methods, most practices applied in modern-day martial arts dojos and gyms would be considered laughable by a Shaolin monk or samurai.

So, what are a few examples of these extreme ancient training methods? Check out the video below to find out for yourself.

Side Note: not all of these training methods are exactly ancient. As it turns out, some pretty crazy stuff is still practiced today.

Here are a few highlights:

Monk Pillar Skill – Students have to balance on two pillars while in a seated position with no chair for comfort. Underneath them would be a spear, used to prevent the student from relaxing.

Ninja – Ninjutsu – Students are required to hang from a bar while getting whacked in the stomach. The goal here is to increase the stealth ability of the ninja in training.

Tameshiwari – Students essential smash objects like concrete bricks and ice features with their limbs, in an attempt to get stronger. What could go wrong?

Shaolin Iron Egg – This one is going to hurt, even from the safety of your home or office.

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