Nail-biting nunchuck demo – made with razor-sharp butcher knives

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Polish martial artist Kacper Borowski created a set of nunchucks, made out of heavy butcher knives.

Then he used them.

As anyone who has used nunchucks will attest, you can hit yourself hard with them, on the point of the elbow, back of the head, and, ummmm, other places. Doing it will a sharp knife hurts just to think about.

The nunchaku is a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon consisting of two sticks connected by a short chain or rope. Legend has it that the weapon developed out of a rice flail, when the use of military weapons was banned for civilians. Ironically, nunchaku are banned in a number of countries and states, or their use is prohibited anywhere but a martial arts studio.

The origin of the word nunchaku is unknown. it may come from the word for a pair of linked sticks in a Southern Fujian dialect (兩節棍 nng-chat-kun, ).

The weapon was popularized by actor and martial artist Bruce Lee, who learned it from his student, Dan Inosanto. Lee learned a Filipino variant of the nunchaku, called the “Tabak- Toyok” In Filipino street slang it is called a “Chako.” This provides an alternate source for the name, as the people of Okinawa traded a lot with the people of the northern Philippines.

In a scene from Bruce Lee’s unfinished movie “Game of Death” Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto engage in a nunchaku fight. The film was eventually released in 1978.

Nunchaku today can be made from metal, wood, plastic or fiberglass. In addition, toy, practice, and replica versions are available made form polystyrene foam or plastic.

Organizations organizing the use of the nunchaku include the North American Nunchaku Association, World Amateur Nunchaku Organization, Fédération Internationale de Nunchaku de Combat et Artistique, World Nunchaku Association, and International Techdo Nunchaku Association.