Saturday, May 16, 2020

Though their bout was way back at UFC 158, it was a fairly predictable affair with St Pierre cruising to a unanimous decision over the former Strikeforce champ Nick Diaz. The most entertaining portion was most certainly the pre-fight press conference where Diaz and St Pierre verbally sparred back and forth in one of the most memorable pressers in recent history.

So what would happen if Georges St Pierre and Nick Diaz were to work together as police officers in a buddy cop feature?

Comedian Pouya Rebek made this possible in a pair of episodes of his animated series “Mixed Martial Animations” which he both voiced and wrote.

In this two-part feature Georges St Pierre and Nick Diaz play the parts of two cops on the beat. While the pair drives downtown discussing who Georges St Pierre has a crush on and why Nick Diaz decided to become a cop, they come across a suspicious-looking Alistair Overeem who is seen trying to sell some children Crocodile meat in a hilarious and awkward situation.



In an interview with ‘Verbal Tapout’, Pouya shared how long it takes for him to perfect a voice.

“Before I record for a video, I listen to some audio of the fighter talking for about 10 to 20 minutes just to let their voice sink into my brain. I have done 40 or so different voices but I feel like I only have a few voices perfect. There are times when I listen to recordings of my Nate Diaz, Rampage Jackson, and GSP impersonations, and I feel like the voices are basically perfect.”

About Mixed Martial Animations:
Mixed Martial Animations is an online animated web series featuring your favorite mixed martial arts fighters and personalities including GSP, Nick Diaz, Steven Segal, and Ariel Helwani in a variety of hilarious scenarios. The series is voiced and written by San Diego based comedian Pouya Rebek (aka “prebek”)