Quick and explosive final round of brutal underground street fight

Sunday, November 25, 2018

What do you get when you cross a few pickup trucks with gym mats and stage lights? How about a makeshift ring to entertain some brutal underground fisticuffs? The crowd gathered here certainly seems to be enjoying the festivities as the two combatants starring front and center in this video depart from their corners and get ready to bang.

The larger of the two fighters seen here is wearing blue gloves, while his opponent is sporting black gloves. For the purpose of this article, they will be referred to as Black and Blue.

Blue comes out of the gate strong and lands a stiff jab that backs up Black, but it’s not long before Blue is on the receiving end of some blistering combinations. Blue has some marginal success when he pushes Black towards the barriers and goes to the body, but as the action moves towards the center of this makeshift ring, he gets picked apart by the more skilled fighter. The first knockdown of the round comes from a left hand that lands at the end of a combination thrown by Black.

Blue gets up and continues to fight, but it’s not long before he’s in trouble again as a right hand from Black staggers him into one of the pickup trucks at the locale. The result seems like a foregone conclusion at this point, and it comes as no surprise when Black finishes Blue with a combination that drops him and finishes the fight.

This may be an underground fight, but sportsmanship is alive and well as the two combatants are sure to touch gloves and hug it out before they part ways.

MixedMartialArts.com does not condone participating in unsanctioned fights of any kind— unless you are forced to defend yourself or your family and friends.