Referee tells fighter to soccer kick KO’d opponent – WTF?

Monday, December 17, 2018

Alright, brace yourself because the following is probably the worst referee screw-up ever pulled off in MMA.

Being an MMA referee is a tough job. You have to be aware of a plethora of details and be able to react in a split-second in order to guarantee the fighters’ safety and competition fairness at the same time. How many times have we seen referees be at the receiving end of criticism from fans, journalists, and the fighters themselves? That kind of thing happens all the time. In fact, chances are you’ll never get noticed if you’re doing your job correctly. Make a wrong call just once, though? Well, better prepare yourself for the upcoming s**tstorm.

There are so many variables in an MMA fight that keeping track of all of them at the same time is particularly tricky, hence why referees sometimes make bad calls. Now, I’d argue there is a pretty clear line between making a small error of judgment once in a while and blatantly making surreal calls.

The following disturbing footage depicts a scene that went down on May 31, 1996an at a Brazilian MMA event.

The two fighters, Rogerio da Silva and Eric Venutti, are exchanging on the feet. da Silva lands a lovely 1-2 combination that floors his foe.

And that is where things got freakishly ugly.

The referee checks on Venutti. The fighter is badly stunned and very obviously not able to defend himself intelligently anymore, which is the very definition of a fight-ending situation. And yet, in a surreal turn of events, the referee doesn’t stop the contest.

Worse, he literally ASKS da Silva to strike Venutti again. The fighter happily does so and throws a vicious soccer kick that connects on Venutti’s head. ‘Very poor call by the referee’, say the commentators. I guess you could say that, or maybe that referee should never enter a ring again.