Older retired boxer accosted by 2 guys on the street – escalates quickly

Friday, June 12, 2020

In Russia, two young men came out from a shop with carrier bags at the same time an elderly man arrived in front of the location. They start an argument with the elderly man on the street and they appeared to be having a heated confrontation. A surveillance camera caught the footage.

The old man turned out to be a retired boxer, according to Mirror. After a few seconds of what appears to be an argument, the elderly suddenly threw a lead uppercut on the first young man, which makes him walk backward. A second person shows up and was caught unaware by a left straight punch that knocked him out.

The first young man tried to fight back, but the old man was no joke: he dodged the punch and gave him a right cross that turned his light off. They remained on the ground and appeared to be conscious after those brutal knockouts.

The elderly are usually easier targets for cowardly attacks, but not this time. He showed that his age would be no problem for defending himself.

Many people argue that the athlete has a “muscle memory” that would be, roughly, the muscle capacity to produce or perform the movements of the sport previously practiced. What remains in the brain is the motor gesture pattern (related to exercise previously practiced) that the athlete can redeem in an attempt to perform the desired movement, but without the same accuracy or effectiveness, considering that the person is untrained at the time.

The brain stores information about repetitive movements. That is one of the reasons why boxers practice shadow boxing, because unlike sparring, it can be done for hours, allows the person to have a freestyle, and work any move they want. It also sharpens their techniques, conditioning the muscles, and can mentally prepare them before a fight. [Source: ExpertBoxing]

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