Road rager pulls a gun on three Russians in the middle of traffic

Thursday, November 21, 2019

In most parts of the world, the natural response to a man approaching you with a gun would be to flee in terror, but, as always, they do things a little differently in Mother Russia.

The incident was captured on the dashcam of a passing motorist and begins with the gun-wielding Russian thug stepping out into a busy road and moves towards a nearby silver car that’s caught up in a traffic jam.

He shouts threats as he approaches the vehicle with his gun raised, no doubt believing that he is in complete control of the situation, but he’s about to be caught completely off-guard by the motorist’s reaction to his life-threatening provocation.

As the thug reaches the car, the driver suddenly swings open his door into him and quickly steps out, reaching for the assailant’s gun.

There’s a momentary struggle for the weapon, with the driver attempting to kick the goon’s leg out from under him, then managing to knock him off-balance as he pulls his head down and then shoves him backward.

With the gun still in his hand, the hoodlum drops back against the dash-cam vehicle’s hood and then falls onto the road.

By now the driver’s two other companions have also got out of the car and have rushed over to help. The driver lands a few kicks and punches to subdue the grounded troublemaker, with one of his friends joining in, while the other reaches down to secure the gun that’s now lying on the ground nearby.

With the weapon now in their possession, the trio casually strolls back to their car as if this potentially deadly incident had been no big deal, though the driver can’t resist turning back and aiming one last sidekick at the thug as he struggles to stand back up.

In the midst of all this, the man filming the action is seen getting out of his vehicle – not to check on the well-being of the guys in the car, or to help apprehend the thug, but rather to make sure his car hadn’t been scratched during the scuffle.

Only in Russia!