Shidokan Karate instructor vs. Bodybuilder (Mr. Utah) in no-rules fight

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

From the YouTube description:

“Yasunori Matsumoto (Shidokan instructor) vs. Lance Batchelor (Mr. Utah). The Muay Thai-style shorts Matsumoto’s wearing are standard in Shidokan if I’m not mistaken. Bachelor also once fought Pedro Sauer in a similar gym fight.”

Matsumoto lands some leg kicks early on but they are not particularly effective. There is not much behind them as he is landing with the foot, not the shin.

Lance takes him down quick but it was amateurish. Matsumoto pulls guard demonstrating some knowledge in grappling but doesn’t try to improve his position or set up a submission.

About a minute and a half in, the action starts to heat up when Lance starts to hammer away from top position. Matsumoto has him in an arm triangle but doesn’t know how to get the finish from there and he eats a lot of shots. Shortly after, his guard is wide open yet Lance does not pass.

There is some controversy at the three and a half minute mark. The action is stopped and restarted in the middle of the matted area. Matsumoto knees him in the face but Lance is able to grab a leg and drag him down again. The only offense he’s able to do with it though is pulling his opponent’s hair.

Matsumoto is finally able to get something going six minutes in, reversing his opponent and getting on top. Matsumoto puts him a makeshift crucifix position and goes for an Americana shoulder lock. He doesn’t know how to finish it though and just sort of holds his arm in that position for a while.

Action slows down towards the end. Both guys don’t know what to do. The fight ends suddenly when the towel is thrown in. It is unclear what caused it. He had Lance’s arm in an awkward position but didn’t seem to be in any danger.