Do YOU know how to defend the most common punch in a street fight?

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Fighting in the street is always a dangerous proposition. Oftentimes, you have no idea who you are fighting, what their background is or how far they are willing to go. Walking away is always the smartest thing you can do when it is possible to do so.

If you have no other options available though, knowing how to fight and defend yourself could save your life. This how-to video from popular martial arts YouTube channel fightTIPS shows us the most common move in a street fight and how to defend against it.

According to Shane from fightTIPS, who knows his stuff, the most common attack in a street fight is a right-hand punch – either a straight right hand or a big overhand.

Shane says “Yes I can block (it) but I’m still taking damage, more than that I want to get underneath him.” Shane then goes over a couple things you can do after you duck under the punch. If you are confident in your punching you can then attack your opponent’s body then his head.

If you do not have striking training than Shane recommends that you initiate a grappling exchange. This can be done by grabbing a hold of a body lock. From there you can look to elevate him and slam him down or drag him to the ground or even take his back. You have many options, which is what you want to have in a situation like this.

The main takeaway here is to get underneath the punch and look to control his body with the clinch. He stresses that you’ve got to be quick though and aware of what is going on in order to pull this off.


fightTIPS teaches you how to fight with street fight and anti-bullying self-defense, including martial art technique and fitness tutorials to win a fight and increase confidence. Avoid a fight at all costs, but when you can’t — avoid injury.” [Source: FightTips]

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