Sunday, June 07, 2020

Size is definitely an advantage in a fight. But, it’s only a small piece of what you need in a real altercation. Being smaller and faster can also be an advantage. It all depends on how you use what you have.

Another thing that matters is what mistakes your opponent makes. The fewer mistakes they make, the harder it will be to beat them. Humans regularly make mistakes, though, no matter how good they are. You just have to be able to take advantage of them when they appear.

The smaller blonde woman is a little faster, moves a little better, and throws somewhat straighter punches. She definitely wins the standup portion of the fight.

When the fight goes to the ground, it looks like it’s all over the small blonde woman pretty quickly, until her opponent makes one mistake that turns it around.

It looks like the bigger woman took a few elbows to her private parts which caused her to roll away from the blonde woman. That was the beginning of the end.


The blonde woman takes mount and starts raining down bombs. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

If they only had some Boxing training, at least!

5 reasons you should take up boxing:

1. It keeps your heart healthy
While we all exercise to look physically fit, we need to stop looking in the mirror and focus on the real benefit of exercise: to keep us healthier for longer.

2. It makes you super-fit
If you want to get the most out of your body then you need to work it the right way through a variety of different forms of exercise and keeping your heart rate at the right level.

3. It torches calories
As boxing is such a high-intensity workout it’s not surprising that it burns through a lot of calories.

4. It will teach you how to fight
It will help you learn to protect yourself in real fights. (The women in the video could have used some Boxing to easily win against their opponent.)

5. It’ll make you strong
Almost more important than fat burning is strength training. To build up speed, endurance, and keep your body in optimum health, it needs to be strong. Boxing is the perfect exercise for achieving all of those things.