This is what happens against a knife-wielding opponent going FULL FORCE

Friday, November 30, 2018

Dealing with a knife-wielding attacker in a real-life scenario is an incredibly dangerous situation. According to many self-defense experts, dealing with someone with a knife can be even more dangerous than a gun.

While there are a ton of martial artists and self-defense experts out there with various techniques on how to deal with a knife including disarms, grabs, etc. the number one thing to do first is always run away to safety.

However, practicing knife defense drills and disarming techniques is still always good to have up your repertoire. But it is vital that they are practiced with the utmost realism to ensure the technique is going to work and be effective when you need it the most.

Much like in BJJ, where you spar, also known as ‘rolling’, against a fully resisting opponent (who is trying to defeat you as well) where you are going to find out right away if your technique works or doesn’t.

In this video from self-defense expert, Luke Holloway, we see an interesting form of knife defense training that blends knife defense with BJJ rolling. Watch the video below to see how it goes.

Luke Holloway is the Founder of Raw Combat International and the creator of the T.V. Series “Keep it Raw” (Loaded TV/Sky Network 2012 – 2013) which he produced, directed and hosted. Living a lifestyle of Martial Arts, Hunting and Survival since a young age in Australia, Luke grew up training in as many ‘Styles’ as he possibly could. However, it wasn’t until working as a ‘Bouncer’ and also in Close Protection & consulting that he came to deal with serious violence as a professional on a very regular basis. With the understanding of how to deal with aggressors, violence and survive high-risk situations and environments, Luke developed his training methods based on pressure testing all ‘techniques’ and drills to see what adaptations are needed to be functional in REAL situations. [Source:]