A street fighter walks into a Muay Thai gym – challenges instructor to fight

Sunday, January 27, 2019

It is normal for a young man to want to test himself. The wise thing is though, to want to test your ability to train to fight, rather than test your ability to fight without actual fighting ability.

Novices imagine that the will to fight is all important and that through grit and determination they might, somehow, emerge victorious in a contest with a trained fighter. The thing is, it is not the will to fight that matters, it is the will to train to fight that matters.

A young man, a little bit of a middleweight (little too much of his weight appeared to be around his middle) walked into a Muay Thai gym with a challenge.

The young man, in blue shorts, with a Facesaver headgear, taps his gloves together in front of his chest, just like he has seen on television. Then, without ever raising his fists, he starts to throw wild, looping shots, of the sort you might pick up while watching angry five-year-olds tussle at the park, while mom is looking at her phone.

The Muay Thai instructor clinches, and when Blue throws a punch on the break, it’s on. The instructor throws a straight right, two left hooks, and left high kick, dropping Blue.

It is important in life to know when you are beaten, and what to do. For the record, what to do does not involve standing up and continuing to fight.

That earns Blue a right high kick, followed by a flurry, and a final left body kick. Blue shrinks, like Ant-Man as he takes punishment, and appears to turn into a puddle.

At this point, Blue has some important things to ponder like “What is my name?”