Surfers fighting over waves flows onto the street

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Surfers, while appearing to be laid back, are known to be very territorial and possessive over waves when out on the water. It is quite common in the surfing community for it to come to blows when somebody takes your wave that you were cruising on.

The following video is an example of such a dispute. Though it is hard to say for sure what led to this altercation, according to the title it was started over that very thing – stolen waves.

The dispute reaches a boiling point shortly into the video when the surfer in the black wet-suit slaps the red wet-suit wearing surfer very hard it the face – and it’s on!

A nearby dog starts barking at the commotion when punches start to be exchanged, albeit quite sloppily to be honest. Neither one of these guys really knows how to fight that well.

They may think they do though from the way they move but they don’t really. That’s why it is so amazing that both of them are confident enough to be so quick to get into a physical altercation. They may be naive to how bad it can really get on the street.

The guy in the black wet-suit started the fight by hitting the other guy first which was completely uncalled for. The guy in the red wet-suit was forced to defend himself. Luckily, neither knew how to fight very well so neither appears to have been seriously harmed.

Also, you can see someone gets involved near the end of the video and tells them to just walk away and eventually they do which is nice to see for a change. Though it would be a lot better if they decided to do that from the beginning and not fight at all over something so petty as a stolen wave.