Combat Tai Chi master challenges MMA fighter to bare-knuckle match

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Back in the early nineties, the Ultimate Fighting Championship was originally conceived with one question in mind; which martial arts style is superior in a no holds barred contest? Would it be the likes of Karate or Wrestling or Boxing, Sumo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kung Fu, Savate, etc?

Fast forward to the present day cross-training between disciplines is the norm and mixed martial arts has become a style in and of itself. But surprisingly the original question still gets floated around except now it has become ‘Who would win in a fight between a traditional martial artist and a mixed martial artist? And although the answer is pretty predictable there are still some naysayers out there that believe mixed martial arts is just a passing fad.

After a long fight over the internet MMA instructor, Xu Xiaodong finally gets to fight Tai Chi master Leigong

Leigong looks to adopt a stance with one hand extended out while Xiaodong looks to be adopting a standard orthodox boxing stance. Wasting no time, Xiaodong parries Leigong’s hand and unloads a right straight which finds its mark. From here Xiaodong follows up with combinations backing up Leigong who then falls onto the floor and is finished with a dose of ground and pound.

It is worth noting that this contest was unevenly matched not just in regards to style but also the age gap of the participants as well of lack of refereeing to protect the health of the fighters.