Inventor tests knife-proof vest on a reporter – fails

Friday, February 28, 2020

Since September, there has been a sharp increase in politically motivated stabbing attacks in Israel. Nearly two dozen have died.

A traditional bulletproof vest is not adequate protection against a commit stabbing motion with a solid blade, so an Israeli company developed an anti-knife vest. The old maxim “If you build it, they will come” is not true in business. A product or service has to be marketed.

Yaniv Montakyo, Vice President of Research and Development at FMS Enterprises hit on a killer idea! He convinced Eitam Lachover, a reporter for Israel’s Channel 1, to don the garment, and be stabbed, on television!

“You’re going to stab me with this?” asked Mr Lachover, while looking at the weapon dubiously.

“Yes,” Montakyo replied.

“You have nothing to worry about,” he continued. “We are very confident in our product. product can protect from knives that are stronger than this one. Don’t be afraid – if something happens, I’m here.”

The vice president was partially correct. He was there. But the reporter did in fact have something to worry about.

Montakyo drove the knife into the reporters back, again and again. On the third again, things went wrong, and the blade penetrated the vest.

In a genuine display of grit, Mr Lachover barely flinched, but he had been stabbed.

The executive shouted that he “missed” before helping the injured reporter out of the garment, as the footage quickly cuts.

In good news, Lachover said that he had not been seriously injured in the accident.

“Superficial stab wounds,” he tweeted. “Had some stitches and was released back home. Many thanks to everyone for your concern!”

Mr Lachover maintained a positive spiel in an interview afterwards with Israel’s Channel 2. He said the area the journalist had been stabbed had less protection, and added that the vest had been successful in an earlier test.

It would be biblical justice if next the executive donned the garment, and the reporter was the one who got to try the stabbing.

Would be good marketing too.

if it works.