The CRAZIEST ‘saved by the bell’ moments in MMA history

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Getting ‘saved by the bell’ is a term that originates from boxing that refers to a ruleset wherein if a fighter is knocked down towards the end of the round, the bell can ‘save them’, so to speak, and allow them to either continue to the next round or go to the scorecards.

In modern boxing, you don’t really see the saved by the bell rule implemented very often as it’s kind of old school and the rare instances when it is allowed, it’s usually only during the last round, which makes sense as it’s not really safe otherwise.

In MMA, of course, getting saved by the bell refers to a completely different thing, though, and is more of a colloquial term and not really referring to any specific rule like it is in boxing.

Most of these instances in MMA of getting ‘saved by the bell’, as seen in the video below, are when a fighter is almost finished, either by TKO/KO or submission, and the bell ends the round therein essentially ‘saving them’ via the bell.

One of the best examples in the video below of a fighter being saved by the bell, especially concerning modern MMA (relatively speaking), is the Yoel Romero vs. Tim Kennedy fight from UFC 178. This was a very controversial fight (albeit very exciting) in many ways and the controversy started in the second round when Kennedy had Romero all but finished yet the bell saved him just when he was very close to getting TKO’d.

After the drumming from Kennedy (which further analysis after the fact revealed that he was grabbing Romero’s glove when he hurt him), Romero, with the help of his corner, refused to get up off the stool in between rounds and stalled as long as they could to allow him to recover which ultimately helped him to eventually come back and win via knockout in the next round.

Check out the above video to see some other classic examples of a fighter getting ‘saved by the bell’ just when they were about to be finished.

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