The TOUGHEST Ultimate Fighter veterans who went on to become UFC champions

Thursday, May 17, 2018

UFC’s ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ series has been around for quite a while now and although the series is now somewhat getting stale, it is still a great way for the UFC to promote it’s young, upcoming stars as well as to build up the next big fight.

There’s also definitely an argument to be made, that without that historic first season of The Ultimate Fighter, there may very well not be any UFC around today as that first season was pretty much a last-ditch effort by Zuffa to get the sport on regular TV and it obviously proved to be a huge hit.

In this cool video, we see some of The Ultimate Fighter veterans who went on to eventually win UFC gold and though most of the guys who became champions dominated their TUF season, quite a few didn’t hit their stride until after the show.

TJ Dillashaw is one such champ who didn’t win his season, though, he definitely showed off his potential and proved he was a force to be reckoned with. Jon Dodson finished him in the finale but that didn’t stop TJ from pursuing his goal and he is now the current UFC bantamweight champion.

Perhaps the best example of a TUF veteran who went on to become champion is Michael Bisping. Though Bisping dominated his season and looked good in his first few official UFC fights, he hit a lot of bumps and had many ups and downs throughout his career. But, that didn’t stop the tough, gritty Brit.

Check out the video below to see how Bisping finally won the title vs. Rockhold plus more cool footage of other TUF veterans who became champions.

The Ultimate Fighter is an American reality television series and mixed martial arts (MMA) competition produced by Fox Sports 1 and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). It previously aired for fourteen seasons on Spike TV. The show features professional MMA fighters living together in Las Vegas, Nevada, and follows them as they train and compete against each other for a prized contract with the UFC. The series debuted on January 17, 2005, with its first episode, “The Quest Begins”. To date, there have been twenty-six seasons of the show, two per calendar year. Each season features either one or two weight classes in the tournament. [Source: Wiki]

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