Never trash talk AND underestimate your opponent – bad things can happen… like this!

Monday, April 08, 2019

Every time we hear the word “street fighter,” the first thing that possibly pops up in someone’s mind is Capcom’s famous one on one fighting video game. But essentially, what a street fighter is someone who fights on the streets using their bare knuckles, grit, and toughness. Unfortunately, grit and toughness can only go so far when a street fighter encounters someone who is trained to fight like a kickboxer.

We’re faced with two young adults, one wearing what seems to look like MMA gloves and has the kickboxing background or in this case, some training and the other wearing white gloves is the street fighter.

In this short video, we mostly see the street fighter taunting and not really offering much grit or toughness. But his opponent, the one with the kickboxing background is actually trying to throw some sort of offense in various ways. He mostly throws low leg kicks. And oddly the street fighter who has been standing with his hands down the whole time tried to throw some back as well.

But in the end, the more experienced combatant lands punches that sends the cocky street fighter to the ground. His punches were brutally applied has he held on to his opponent with his left hand and landed a barrage of right hands that sent him down.

What makes things even worse for the streetfighter is that the more experienced of the two didn’t let up. The moment the street fighter landed on the concrete ground, numerous punches were landed to his face brutally knocking him out cold. The crowd eventually tries to get the fight to be called off.

This goes to show you that, even if you think you’re tough and have a lot of grit, someone will always be better. So it’s best to stay humble.