Friday, May 01, 2020

If you have been following the Japanese mixed martial arts scene, by now you would have heard the news that 24-year-old female MMA fighter Momoko Yamazaki was going to fight against debuting 12 year girl Momo Shimizu in the DEEP JEWELS mixed martial arts promotion, adding to the long list of freak shows fights in the history of Japanese combat sports.

Obviously, there was a lot of commotion made of the fight with concern about the age gap and ethical nature of the contest, but it seems like the least worried person was Momo herself as she managed to score a victory over her older, larger foe by way of rear naked choke in the very first round.

Alongside Momo, her manager Shu Hirata defended the match up and naturally predicted a win for his client.

“Momo has been training MMA six times a week at least three hours a day ever since when she was in the kindergarten. Momo already had 100 amateur fights in BJJ, kickboxing and karate combined which is far more experience than her upcoming opponent Momoko Yamazaki who actually works at Hostess Bar and barely trains. This is not the first time Jewels put teenagers against an adult. They have done 12 yr old vs adult and 13 yr old adult in the past and in both fights a younger fighter won via submission.

Do you in favor of these kinds of match ups? Check out the clips below.

Deep (previously Deep2001) is a Japan-based mixed martial arts promoting and sanctioning organization. It is promoted by Shigeru Saeki who is also the former Public Relations Director of Pride Fighting Championships. Their inaugural event took place in 2001 and featured Paulo Filho and Royler Gracie. On May 17, 2008, Deep announced a partnership with ZST to share fighters, co-promote shows and eventually unify the promotions. [Source: Wiki] 

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