Two guys mimic Conor McGregor on the streets… until Conor McGregor actually shows up

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What were the odds?

Two Irish men from Dublin, probably done touring the nearby pubs, were busy imitating UFC star Conor McGregor on the streets. Low stance, animal-like movement, crane kick; I gotta admit those two lads were doing a very decent job at mimicking the Irishman’s fighting style.

Imagine their surprise when Conor McGregor himself actually drove up to them and greeted them as they were imitating him.

What happened that night is the equivalent of Michael Jordan showing up at your basketball pick-up game or Mike Tyson giving you a surprise pat on the shoulder as you’re awkwardly shadow-boxing while waiting for the bus. In either case, the likelihood of that happening is rather thin.

Conor McGregor is huge in Ireland (Captain obvious to the rescue!). Case in point? As the two men were doing their best McGregor impersonation another one walked by them and shouted the UFC star’s now-iconic catchphrase: “You’ll do fookin notin’!”. The three of them had a good laugh and even a nearby woman joined the fun.

The two fellows notice a black SUV approaching them. Surely it’s some random rich guy. Actually, the guy with the blue sweater gets closer to the SUV and looks inside the car. His reaction can’t be mistaken: the man in the SUV is Conor Fu**king McGregor in person! The two lads have a hard time believing it but the biggest star in MMA history really just drove by them an gave them a shout-out. It makes no doubt that this will remain a memorable night for these two fans.